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At Precision Tool Company, we have been delivering exemplary shot end component manufacturing and design since 1970. We are an experienced company that boasts a passionate dedication to customer service. We focus much of our attention on continually improving the field of shot end component manufacturing. Whether it is standard shot sleeves or die casting nozzles, we are always looking for new methods and techniques to improve our products and your productivity. We also are constantly striving for the development of new ideas and technology in the areas of materials and design. We have a large base of customers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, that can attest to our relentless commitment to excellence.

If you have any questions regarding shot end component manufacturing or would like to place an order for our products or services, give us a call at 800-553-2023 or 314-721-2899 or contact us online.

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    Here at Precision Tool, we realize that our greatest asset is the dedicated and hardworking people who serve you and craft your tooling. We employ a fantastic team of women and men who take great pride in their work. Their loyalty, professionalism, and years of service are an embodiment of Precision Tool Company’s commitment to manufacturing shot end components of the highest caliber and quality.

    Precision Tool Sales Representatives: Domestic and International

    Shot End Component Manufacturing & Design

    Each member of the sales team at Precision Tool has many years of experience, and they all specialize exclusively in products and services for the die casting industry. Depending on where you are located, we have different sales representatives that can help you to meet your shot end component manufacturing needs. Please contact the appropriate sales representative in your area using the contact information below.

    United States
    Pete Manoff
    Phone: 800-553-2023
    Fax: 314-721-4432

    International – Mexico & Canada
    Pete Manoff, USA
    Phone: 314-721-2899
    Fax: 314-721-4432

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    Precision Tool Company has been an industry standard in manufacturing shot end components for nearly fifty years. Our blend of top of the line products paired with unbeatable customer service, has led us to be a leader in the field. We realize that without our customers, we would not be the business we are today. To our die casting customers, we would like to say thank you for your years of trust and confidence with Precision Tool. To our prospective customers, we eagerly look forward to working with you in the future and to becoming your preeminent source for shot end component manufacturing.

    Let us help you get your die casting project underway. Give us a call directly or reach out to one of our experienced sales representatives to discuss your shot end component manufacturing needs. We are here to help and are happy to be your number one source for reliability, quality, and customer service in the die casting industry.